Crown Simmons Committed To Help Tackle Homelessness

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Following the introduction The Homelessness Reduction Act, Crown Simmons have made a commitment to refer any household or individual to a Local Authority if we consider that they are homeless.









The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 came into force on 3 April 2018. The Act mainly focuses on the prevention of homelessness. However, it also ensures that anyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness will be able to access meaningful help, regardless of their priority need status. It encourages local collaboration and a multi-agency approach to enable people to access the right support.

Under this Act, a new ‘Duty To Refer’ was put into place in October 2018, where named public authorities will need to notify a local authority if they come into contact with someone who may be homeless or is at risk of becoming homeless. Housing Associations are not named as public bodies within the regulations, so are not bound to this duty.

However, Crown Simmons, as a member of the National Housing Federation, have signed up to the ‘Commitment To Refer’. This is a commitment that a housing association will act as though it is bound by the Duty to Refer. Therefore, Crown Simmons will refer any of our own residents or those we come into contact with through our services, who we are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, to a local authority.

We’ve been following the principles of the new Commitment for a number of years and we are really keen to support its implementation. We hope that by making this commitment, we can work towards tackling homelessness in our area with our Local Authority partners.


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