Stay warm this winter!

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Make sure you can stay warm when the weather is cold by following these tips!



Turning your thermostat down by 1ºc can bring big savings. A comfortable heat for most people is 18ºc, if you have a small child your home should not be colder than 16ºc.

Keeping your heating on all the time, on a low heat, may save more money and energy than switching it on and off throughout the day.

In main living areas, people, televisions and other electrical appliances generate heat. The thermostats in these rooms may be turned down and the room may still be warm.

If you are not at home, keep your thermostat set to at least 10ºc to stop pipes freezing.


Make sure your radiators can heat the room without obstructions.

Make sure in your home your radiators are:

  • Uncovered with no large bits of furniture in front of them
  • Not blocked by long curtains hanging in front of them
  • Not used as drying racks for wet washing (dry wet washing away from radiators)

Turn the radiators off or down to a low setting in unused rooms (but make sure the room does not get too cold).


Windows & Windowsills

Windowsills with only a few objects on them, let air move around more easily than windowsills with lots of objects.

Open your curtains on a sunny day so the sun can heat the room. Remember to close them when it gets dark or colder to keep the heat inside.

Try sticking bubble wrap to windows to heat rooms when it is sunny.


Get Cosy

Wearing a jumper, socks and slippers around the house and putting an extra blanket on your bed will keep you warm and cosy and is much cheaper than turning your heating up.


Avoid Draughts

Draughts in the home make you feel chilly and mean heat is being lost.

Stop draughts, stay warm and save money on energy costs by…

  • Keeping doors and windows closed in winter
  • Seal doors and windows to prevent draughts
  • Only operate kitchen and bathroom extractor fans when steam or smells need to be extracted
  • Ventilate for short periods but more often
A draught excluder can be made for the bottom of doors by stuffing an old pair of tights with scrunched up newspaper.


Help with energy bills

If you think you’re paying more than you should be for energy, you could save money by switching.

Contact your energy supplier to check whether you could switch to a cheaper tariff or visit Ofgem’s website to find out about changing supplier here (opens in new window):

The government also sometimes offer help towards paying for heating in winter:

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