How we’ve responded to your survey responses

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At the end of 2016 we asked Acuity, an independent research company, to survey 50% of our residents anonymously (we had already surveyed the other half in 2015), to find out if they are satisfied with the service we provide.

Surveying 100% of residents over two years allows us to get an idea of how residents feel, identify the areas that require improvements and start making changes.

We’d like to thank everyone who completed a survey, and congratulations to the six lucky winners of the £50 prize draw!

85% of residents are satisfied with our services

Responses from the 2016 survey, like the 2015 survey, told us that 85% of residents are satisfied with our services.

Your feedback also told us:

  • Residents are 10% happier than in 2015 with being told when repairs workers would call.
  • 87% of residents said staff are easy to contact.

87% of residents said staff are easy to contact

As a result of the feedback you gave, we…

  • Are working to secure a single heating contractor to improve resident satisfaction, by providing a consistent service regardless of the type of heating system in residents’ homes.
  • Recently asked some residents for their ideas on improving the cleaning and gardening service and will be holding a resident focus group in June to design standards for this service.

Tell us what you would like to see on the website by contacting us.
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