Rent Increase information for our residents – April 2020

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Important information for our residents:

From April 2020, housing associations will be able to increase social and affordable rents by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) +1% each year. This is in line with current Government policy. This follows affordable and social rents going down for the last 4 years.

We understand that residents will not have experienced an increase in rent for four years, and many newer residents will not have experienced a rent increase while living in their current home.

On average, even after this year’s rent increase, social rents will still be 72p cheaper each week than they were in 2015/16. And even after the rent increase, social housing will still be much cheaper than renting in the private sector.

This rent increase ensures that residents still get a good deal on their rent, while making sure housing associations are financially sustainable.

As part of this, we have written to all residents informing them in advance of the rent changes. We have also posted about this on our social media platforms.


If you have any queries, contact us on 01372 461440 or email us at 
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