Better, Stronger, Smarter: Crown Simmons release new four-year plan

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Crown Simmons Housing have released their new four-year, strategic plan titled “Better, Stronger, Smarter”. The plan looks at the association’s goals from 2017 to 2021.

Developed by staff and senior management in a series of workshops, the plan sets out Crown Simmons’ ambitions over the next four years. The plan looks at the operating environment for housing associations and outlines three main objectives for Crown Simmons:

  1. Improving Customer Service (“Better”)
  2. Growing our Business (“Stronger”)
  3. Organisational Simplicity, Efficiency and Value for Money (“Smarter”)

The plan will be subject to annual review by the Board as the operating environment changes. An annual operational plan will be agreed each year to support the delivery of our strategic objectives.

Paul Yates, Crown Simmons’ Chief Executive said,

“I am delighted to release our Strategic Plan. The next four years look to be an exciting, but challenging, time for housing associations and has a lot in store for Crown Simmons.

The plans show how Crown Simmons plan to deal with changes in the housing market, including plans to bring our total number of homes closer to 1,000 and introduce more online services for residents.”

Read more about Crown Simmons’ Strategic Plan here:

Read the plan online at:

Download the .pdf here: BetterStrongerSmarter_StrategicPlan2017_21 PDF [2MB]

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