Office closure for Bank Holiday weekend

blossom bank holiday weekend

Our office is closed for the Bank Holiday weekend on Friday 8 May. We will be back online at 9am on Monday 11 May 2020.


Residents can continue to contact us during this time, by calling 01372 461440 and leaving a message after the tone or by emailing us at 

Please be assured that we are particularly keen to hear from those who are experiencing financial hardship. If you require any support you can contact your local borough council who will be happy to assist you. A reminder that any repetitive breaches of Government guidelines regarding social distancing should be reported to 101. Further details about Service Updates and Coronavirus can be found on our homepage.

In case of an emergency residents in sheltered housing should use the red alarm button.

Our repairs contractor is operating in emergencies only. To report emergency repairs, call 01372 619519.

Our hot water and heating contractor is operating in emergencies. Residents should call 0800 012 6991.

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