New Partnership With Surrey Police


We are very pleased to have agreed a new partnership with Surrey Police to provide settled accommodation for their staff.

Crown Simmons has taken on a 5-year lease for an initial 12 properties in Surrey that have been empty for some time. The properties are advertised on the Surrey Police internal intranet and the homes are available to their key staff at below market levels.surrey_badge

One of the properties Crown Simmons will be managing in Godstone.
One of the properties Crown Simmons will be managing in Godstone.

Paul Yates, Crown Simmons CEO, said of the new arrangement, “We’ve been discussing this with the Estates Team for some time and we’re delighted to be providing new homes for keyworkers. Crown Simmons will guarantee rents due to Surrey Police for the next five years and provide a full property management service. Key staff will have the benefit of affordable, settled homes for up to 5 years. The scheme has been designed so that additional properties can be added as they become available.”

The properties are located in Godstone, Frimley, Weybridge and Dorking and are only available to Surrey Police staff and will be ready for occupation shortly. The new scheme continues Crown Simmons’ long tradition of providing keyworker housing.

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