Lightning Strikes Our Phone Lines


Due to a lightning strike, we’re experiencing some issues with our phone lines today. This has meant residents calling 01372 461440 have not been able to get through to us or leave a message. We’re sorry about this and are working with our phone line providers to fix the issue.

Southern Housing Group will be fielding any queries you may have for the time being. You can contact their Customer Contact centre (see number below) and any queries will be forwarded on to us.

 01403 220440 – press option 2 for Service Centre

We envisage that the problem with our phone lines will take some time to fix, but we hope it will be resolved by mid-morning tomorrow. We will inform you when our phone lines are working as normal. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

If you need to get in contact with the Crown Simmons team, please send an email to, where a member of our team can respond to your query.

A reminder that if you have a general repair or hot water/heating query, contact 01372 619519 and follow the instructions.

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