Highbury View homes now served by local housing association in Islington

Homes at Highbury View in Islington

Homes at Highbury View in IslingtonOn November 20, 2017, Crown Simmons Housing transferred ownership of the homes at Highbury View in Islington to Barnsbury Housing Association (BHA).

Crown Simmons Housing commissioned Stock Rationalisation specialists Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP to undertake a comprehensive marketing process to identify a suitable new landlord, involving both staff and residents in the process. BHA currently own 255 properties in Islington, and the new arrangement ensures the residents at Highbury View will continue to be provided with excellent service from a local housing association.

Paul Yates, Crown Simmons Housing’s Chief Executive said:

As our Strategic Plan, Better, Stronger, Smarter, highlights, government changes affecting housing associations led to some difficult decisions, and a need for the association to consolidate its geographical focus.

As BHA is based in Islington, it is in an excellent position to provide an effective and efficient, local service to the residents at Highbury View who were extremely positive about our proposals for the transfer. Our intention is to use the proceeds of the sale to invest in the provision of more affordable housing in our core operating area of Surrey and south west London as soon as possible.

Susan French, Chief Executive Officer of BHA also said of the transfer:

We are delighted to welcome the tenants of Highbury View to BHA, and look forward to providing them with the same accessible, high quality service that marks us out as a unique local landlord. We want to use our assets to grow and stock transfer from other landlords is a great way for us to achieve this.’

If you are a resident at Highbury View and would like to know more about Barnsbury Housing Association, please visit http://barnsbury.org

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