Get set for Universal Credit with Elmbridge Council


rent-and-money-20The Government is replacing a number of benefits with ‘Universal Credit’.

Universal Credit means only one claim needs to be made instead of lots of separate ones and you receive a single monthly payment that covers any benefit you are eligible for at the end of each month.

Currently in Elmbridge only single people, making a new benefit claim who are looking for work can claim Universal Credit, this however is set to change soon.


Elmbridge Borough Council have introduced ‘Get Set!’ which includes information about a range of people and places who can help if you need to claim Universal Credit.  The information includes details about:

  • internet access or Wifi hotspots
  • help to budget
  • help to manage your debts
  • emergency support
  • information and advice
  • employment support
  • improved computer skills

get-set-logoIf you would like to know where you can get help with any of the things listed above, Elmbridge Council created a booklet with lots of helpful information that you can view or download here: Get Set! Elmbridge Universal Credit Guide

You can also visit the Get Set! website here:

If you would like more information about Universal Credit and changes to benefits, you can find some more information on the Crown Simmons website on our Universal Credit and Benefits Information page here: Benefits and Universal Credit Information

You can also contact Crown Simmons if you think Universal Credit might apply to you. You can contact us through any of the ways on our Contact Us page here: Contact Us

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