Small Housing Associations Making a Big Impact

g320 Impact Report 2016 Front Cover Image

g320 Impact Report 2016 Front Cover ImageThe g320, a group of small housing associations (those with under 1000 homes), has published its Impact Report for 2016.

Read the report online here (opens in a new, issuu, window):
Download the PDF of the report here: Impact Report 2016

The aim of the g320 is to promote and share good practice amongst those “smaller but beautiful” associations providing a range of housing and care services in the capital and across the country.

This report highlights the core strengths of the g320: diversity, professionalism, community impact, and focus on our customers. Many of the group are working towards developing more homes for the communities we serve, acutely aware that there is significant demand in London and the South East for the housing we provide.

A case study on Crown Simmons Housing can be found on page 10, and sits alongside the stories of a number of other members to show our diversity and achievements. Also featured are the views of residents across the group, compared through benchmarking, satisfaction rates, and looking at costs.

Find out more about the group here:

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