Crown Simmons resident hand-delivers donation to Compton Hospice and becomes internet sensation!

Joe Hagland

Joe Hagland

Joe Hagland, an Islington resident, travelled 135 miles to hand-deliver a donation to Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton last Thursday.

After seeing on CrimeWatch that the hospice had been targeted by metal thieves, costing the hospice over £20,000 in repairs. Joe travelled to Wolverhampton to hand them his donation personally and meet staff and patients.

Joe says of his visit, “I thought it was just a matter of giving a donation, meeting those people and bringing a little help because they are a charity and for the scallywags to do that to a hospice is terrible.”

The story garnered so much attention, being viewed over 1.2 million times and garnering over 250,000 Facebook likes, the hospice has now raised over £11,000 towards their repairs!

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