When do Crown Simmons consult residents?

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This page outlines when we will consult you, which is when we will contact you to get your views on various things, such as services we are proposing or anything that involves changing something in your tenancy agreement.

How we consult will depend on the number of tenants affected by the proposed change. We will always provide information in writing, either by letter or in one of our newsletters. We may also invite you to a meeting, send out a survey for you to complete, or telephone you to try and get your views.

We consult you if…

  • we vary your tenancy agreement
  • there needs to be major work done that will affect you
We will always give you notice (but won’t consult you) when your service charge and rent increases.

We always provide follow up information after the consultation process has ended to tell you what has been decided.

To find out how you can get involved in the management of your home  outside formal resident consultation, go to ‘How to Get Involved’.

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