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Older people
Older people
We want residents to be involved in the running of the association and in your own community, as your feedback helps us to meet your needs and provide the best possible service.

We recognise that everyone is busy and so we try to offer a range of ways that you can get involved so hopefully you find one that suits you.

We visit all our developments over ten homes every month.

If you would like to join us as on our visit, please call the office to check when we are next visiting so we can let the member of staff visiting know that you want to join them.

We look around each scheme for health and safety issues, graffiti, abandoned cars, etc., however, if you notice anything at your scheme that you’d like us to look at, please contact us or talk to us when we are there.

We encourage at least one person on each of our estates to sign up to be our CLASS Act. CLASS stands for Customer Liaison and Site Signatory.

The CLASS Act is someone who is usually at home during the day, who can keep an eye on contractors doing work at the scheme. Cleaners, gardeners and repairs contractors could ask you to sign off their work sheets to show that they have attended as expected and have done what they should.

If you have any issues or concern about any contractors, please contact us.

Sometimes we may invite residents to come and discuss an issue of current concern or to review one of our services. The meetings are usually informal, and will focus on a specific theme.

Sometimes we hold events such as coffee mornings, fun days or resident evenings as a chance for you to get to know staff and other residents in an informal setting.

At these events you can tell us what you think about the services we provide and what you like, or don’t like, about where you live.

A resident will always be invited to join our voluntary Board of Management. This involves attending formal meetings, reading board reports, scrutinising performance and setting policies for the Association. This involvement is more strategic and requires a higher level of input than other tenant involvement options.

We encourage residents in each of the towns we work in, or at each of our schemes, to set up a Residents' Association. We can offer advice, practical assistance, and a limited amount of financial support.

A tenants association is an organisation in its own right, with its own rules and regulations. They can work to tackle specific local issues, provide a social environment for residents, or to organise events or services where they live, such as out of school activities for children. Some tenants associations have been successful in attracting funding or sponsorship from other agencies too.

To start a tenants Association, there must be support from a majority of tenants and there must be at least three people willing to form a Committee.

If you would like any more information about any tenant involvement options, please contact us.

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