Ending Your Tenancy

Your Tenancy Agreement will provide you with the most accurate information on ending your tenancy, so please refer to this as this page only provides general guidelines.

We know that residents sometimes need to move because the size of their family has changed, or for medical, caring or employment reasons.

You need to give us at least 4 weeks notice, in writing, before you can end your tenancy. This can be given by letter or e-mail, but the 4 weeks will only begin on the first Monday after we have received your notice (so if you choose to write to us, send your letter by recorded delivery or e-mail us and then make sure you have received an acknowledgement).

Remember: You must pay rent until your tenancy has officially ended and you have moved out.

For more advice on ending your tenancy, please contact us.

Make sure you have done the following things before you move out:

  • Allow access so we can inspect your home
  • Repair any damage that you are responsible for (You may be recharged for any damage we have to repair)
  • Fix any holes in walls and leave decorations in a reasonable condition
  • Leave the property and garden in a clean and tidy condition*
  • Make sure you have paid all the rent you are supposed to, please phone us to make sure you do not owe any rent □
  • Tell Royal Mail what your new address will be so they can forward your mail (there is a small fee for this, please visit royalmail.com/personal/receiving-mail/redirection for more information)
  • Tell us what your new address is so we can forward any mail
  • Tell the Council you’re moving so they can update their Council Tax records
  • Tell Housing Benefit of your new address and any new circumstances
  • Take final electricity, gas and water meter readings
  • Return all the property keys (including window and store locks) to us by mid-day  (12pm) on the Monday your tenancy ends**

*If the property is not left in a clean and tidy condition or possessions are left that we have to dispose of, we may charge you for the cleaning or emptying of the property.

**If you do not return your property keys to us by mid-day on the Monday your tenancy ends we may change the locks and charge you for this cost. You will continue to be charged rent until we receive the keys or you have paid for the locks to be changed.


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