Anti-Social Behaviour


Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour includes a range of unacceptable behaviour that can negatively impact on the quality of an individual's life or that of a community. It includes incidents such as:

  • Actual or threatened violence or abuse towards any person
  • Verbal abuse, intimidation, threatening behaviour or loitering
  • Stalking, harassment, hate crime and hate related incidents
  • Domestic abuse
  • Behaving in an anti-social manner e.g. shouting, screaming, swearing, making indecent/ offensive gestures, misuse of communal areas
  • On-going neighbourhood nuisance - dumping litter, fly tipping

Crown Simmons housing recognises that anti-social behaviour is an important issue that can have a negative impact on individuals and communities. Crown Simmons Housing, in conjunction with the Police, local residents and other local agencies are committed to tackling it as efficiently and effectively as possible using a flexible approach.

Our Anti-Social Behaviour and Harassment Policy outlines how we will tackle problem behaviour and reduce nuisance and harassment in the communities in which we work. To view the policy follow the link below:

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

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