Estate Service Standards

Crown Simmons wants to work with residents to create places where people want to live, places we can all be proud of. This means working together to create and maintain communal spaces that are safe, clean, tidy and welcoming.

Our Estate Service includes the cleaning and grounds maintenance of all internal and external communal areas owned or managed by Crown Simmons. Whilst we are responsible for, and committed to, delivering good quality estate services, the effective management of our communal areas is a shared responsibility of Crown Simmons, our residents and our contractors.

Our estate service is based on 3 underlying principles that we believe foster a culture of trust:


We want to ensure that there is consistency in terms of the standards and delivery across Crown Simmons homes although we recognise the need for flexibility in the way services may be delivered locally.


We will ensure clarity for staff, residents and contractors about our respective responsibilities and expectations.


We want to encourage communication between all parties that is open, honest, transparent and timely.

Our Service Standards

Whilst these are general service standards we expect to maintain, we understand that different schemes may require different approaches such as more/less frequent visits to achieve this standard. Therefore, we will provide an indicative schedule to give residents an indication of how often services will be delivered. It is also important to note that there may at times when schedules may be subject to change owing to holidays, sick leave and weather conditions.

Different schemes may wish to enhance or tailor the level of service provided and this will be done in consultation with residents. Given estate services are paid for by service charges, any changes will only be implemented if the majority of affected residents agree.

In general:

  • We wish to be mindful of the local wildlife when maintaining our grounds
  • We will ensure that the maintenance of plants and trees are carried out by suitably skilled contractors

Internal communal areas and facilities (including hallways, lounges, lifts and laundry rooms) should be visibly clean, tidy and free of offensive odours. 

In particular, communal areas and rooms should:       

  • Be clear of personal items
  • Be free of rubbish, litter and junk mail
  • Be free of dust and cobwebs
  • Be fresh smelling and free of offensive odours (not cooking smells)
  • Have clean windows and glass, free of smears and finger marks
  • Have light fittings that are clean and free of insects and cobwebs
  • Have bannisters and handles that are clean
  • Have paintwork that is free of mud, smears or other marks
  • Have floor coverings that are clean

In order to do this we will:

  • Remove any marks to paintwork
  • Sweep, mop or vacuum floors and stairs
  • Clean handles to communal doors, banisters, railings and handrails with anti-bacterial solution
  • Dust/wipe all window sills and skirting boards
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Sweep communal entrance door mats and mat wells
  • Clear any marks on all communal doors, door plates and windows
  • Clean all communal windows regularly
  • Clean any communal facilities
  • Remove any personal items after 7 days

External communal areas should be clean, tidy and free of litter.

In particular, external communal areas should:

  • Be free of litter, graffiti, animal faeces and bulk items
  • Have paths, car parks and other communal areas that are clear and free of a leaves, weeds and moss
  • Have bin areas that are tidy with all rubbish placed in the appropriate bins
  • Have windows and window ledges that are clean and free of cobwebs
  • Have communal stairwells and lifts that are swept and free of rubbish, debris and bird or animal faeces
  • Be free of cigarette butts or overflowing ashtrays

In order to support this we will:

  • Litter pick regularly
  • Remove dangerous items, animal faeces, graffiti, fly tipping in a timely manner.
  • Investigate who is responsible for littering or flytipping and re-charge if appropriate
  • Clear blocked road gulleys and grates
  • Sweep communal stairwells and wipe handrails
  • Empty communal ashtrays
  • Clean and sweep bin areas regularly
  • Disinfect and jet wash industrial bins periodically
  • Clean windows and window ledges

You will find an annual schedule from January 2020-December 2020 for Cleanscapes below. Each month is split into 4 weeks. The shaded boxes indicate the week that Cleanscapes are due to attend your scheme.

thumbnail of 2020 schedule for cleaning all Windows 2020

Grounds should be well kept, tidy and free of rubbish.

In particular, communal gardens and grounds should:

  • Have grassed areas that are neat and tidy and not too long, free of debris and cuttings
  • Have communal beds, borders and hedges that are tidy, weed free, and not obstructing footpaths
  • Have shrubs that are well planted, healthy and maintained correctly
  • Have no diseased, dangerous or dying trees
  • Have gravel that is sufficient to cover the weed barrier or surface
  • Be free of brambles
  • Have no ivy growth on trees and buildings

In order to support this we will:

  • Cut grassed areas as required
  • Sweep or blow any clippings from pathways
  • Clear leaves as quickly as is practical
  • Clear weeds and moss regularly
  • Cut back planting as required
  • Trim hedges and shrubs as required
  • Maintain edges of all beds and borders
  • Replace dying or vandalised plants
  • Regularly inspect trees and implement a tree maintenance programme
  • Cut back low and/or dangerous overhanging branches
  • Clear weeds, ivy and brambles
  • Remove all leaves, cuttings, clippings, weeds and branches from site

Gritting and Snow Clearance:

  • Crown Simmons is generally unable to grit and clear snowfalls from all estates
  • Residents are responsible for gritting or clearing snow on any sole or shared pavements to their properties
  • We will take reasonable steps during adverse weather to keep communal main entrance pathways safe and accessible subject to resources.

Below you will find a garden schedule from June-August 2020 for our schemes. 


Working in Partnership – Our Respective Responsibilities

Crown Simmons want to work in partnership with our residents and contractors to achieve these standards.

We want our residents to be proud of where they live and therefore we ask that our residents respect their scheme and meet their responsibilities to keep it clean and safe. Also we rely on the feedback from residents where the standards are not being met or where problems arise.

In particular we expect residents to:

  • Report any issues promptly and letting Crown Simmons know if contractors are not delivering the expected service
  • Keep all communal areas clean, tidy and free from personal items
  • Dispose of rubbish correctly and considerately; using the correct refuse facilities and recycling responsibly
  • Dispose of large unwanted items and furniture responsibly by using local recycling sites/local authority collections
  • Report things like graffiti, abandoned cars, lights not working, bulk rubbish, etc.

Crown Simmons is responsible for:

  • Delivering the core standard as outlined in this document
  • Involving residents in decisions regarding their local scheme
  • Working with residents to monitor our standards and contractors performance

We rely on our contractors to work together with us to identify any issues or concerns and deliver a service they can be proud of. In particular they are responsible for:

  • Delivering the core standard as per this document.
  • Reporting to Crown Simmons any issues or concerns, such as bulk rubbish, abandoned cars, personal belongings, dangerous trees etc.

Monitoring the Standards

Crown Simmons, our residents and contractors all have a part to play in monitoring these standards. We expect our residents to be reasonable regarding the quality of service delivered and the impact of everyday living and weather when monitoring our services.

We rely heavily on informal feedback from residents to monitor these standards but we will also use the following methods to monitor services:

  • Scheme Champions: Where possible we will have scheme champions who can help to monitor services and standards.
  • Service Monitoring: These forms can be completed by staff or residents at the point of service delivery (i.e. on the day the service was provided). Staff may use i-auditor to do this.
  • Scheme Walkabouts: At our larger schemes we will have regular walkabouts with residents, during which we will complete an estate standard form, rating schemes as gold, silver or bronze. We will provide a photo guide to support this process.
  • Contractors Feedback: Our contractors are expected to supervise works regularly and report back to Crown Simmons.
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