Who is responsible for what?

Your responsibilities as a resident renting a Crown Simmons property

Your tenancy agreement will give more detail into what you are responsible for, as a resident, but generally speaking, you are responsible for:

  • keeping your home reasonably clean
  • decorating the inside of your home (including maintaining carpets/floor coverings)
  • replacing locks on doors if locked out of your home
  • tightening/replacing screws
  • replacing broken toilet seats
  • broken glass in windows
  • replacing light bulbs and fuses
  • bleeding radiators
  • unblocking sinks and baths
  • adjusting doors and windows after decorating or laying carpets
  • using the heating properly to avoid damp and burst pipes
  • repairs to damage caused by you, anyone in your household or guests (even if it was an accident)

Wood and Laminate Flooring

If you live in a building shared with other flats you must seek permission before laying wood or laminate flooring. This is so that we can make sure that care has been taken to lessen the potential of noise for other residents. We may ask that you lay sufficient acoustic underlay to suppress any noise. You will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you are aware that if noise complaints are received as a result of the flooring, you may be asked to remove it.

Please contact the office if you are unsure whether a repair is your responsibility or ours.

If you want to make any changes or do anything that might affect the structure of your home (like putting up wall units) you must write to us for approval (e-mail or post) first. We will usually say yes unless there are good reasons to say no, (for example, if the work would make the property unsafe, use inappropriate materials or building techniques, impact your neighbours or reduce the value of the property, or the number of rooms it has).

If the work is not completed properly, you might have to pay for more work to be done until it is fixed.

If you do replace things that would usually be our responsibility (such as doors), we may request that you store these so that they may be put back if you move out.

Our responsibilities as your landlord

As your landlord, Crown Simmons is responsible for repairs to:

  • the structure and exterior of your home, including the brickwork, foundations, roof, windows and guttering
  • inside walls, floors and ceilings, plasterwork, stairs, doors and door frames
  • the electrical system, including wiring and sockets
  • plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom, heating and hot water systems
  • fitted kitchen and bathroom furniture (sinks and basins) and any appliances provided by us
  • external areas, including pathways, boundary walls and fences, sheds and garages
  • decoration of the exterior and communal areas

The costs of most repairs are included in your rent and we will arrange a repair when it is our responsibility. You can contact our office during normal working hours or report the repair online or, if it is an urgent repair out of office hours, call our emergency repair team.

We will always give you at least 24 hours notice if we need to come into your home for a repair (unless it is an emergency) and you must give us access for these.

If we need to repair something that would usually be our responsibility, because you, or someone you know, breaks it, we may recharge the cost to you.

If we plan to do major work to your property we will consult you before the work starts. If the work makes it impossible to live in your home, we will re-house you either temporarily (while the work is done) or permanently and may offer compensation.

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