Customer Service Standards

Our Customer Service Standards, tell you what level of service you should expect to receive from us, for example, how quickly we will respond to your letters and other enquiries.

We will...

  • Always be polite and professional and aim to deal with questions to your complete satisfaction.
  • Arrive on-time if visiting you in your home (or let you know if we are likely to be late) and always show ID.
  • Provide full and fair access to services for all customers and residents, and (where it is reasonable) provide information in ways that meet your known communication requirements.
  • Fully investigate any concerns, complaints or comments raised, and inform you of the outcome, including what action is to be taken.
  • Consult with you via surveys, meetings, letters and estate walkabouts before making changes to the services you receive, and fully consider your feedback before making a final decision.
  • Consult with you about any changes affecting the amount of service charge you will have to pay.
  • Work closely with the police, council, and other agencies to address crime and anti-social behaviour.

Letters & E-mails: Acknowledge within 3 working days with an aim to provide a full reply or update within 10 working days.

Telephone Calls: Answer within 8 ‘rings’ (20 seconds) with any missed calls returned by the next working day. We will try to answer your questions when you first call.

Settling-in Visit: We will contact all new tenants within 12 weeks of moving in to check that everything is satisfactory.

Resident Involvement & Information:

  • We will conduct regular customer surveys to establish a view about the overall quality of our services and accommodation we provide, showing a comparison against other organisations.
  • Once a year we will produce a report detailing how well the association has been performing, our financial strengths and plans for the future.
  • You can log onto My Tenancy to obtain a copy of your rent account and service charge.

Repairs & Maintenance:

  • We aim to carry out all repairs in accordance with our published standards.
  • We will prioritise repairs according to the degree of risk and inconvenience to the resident. You should expect emergency repairs to be dealt with within 24 hours.
  • Gas safety checks will be completed every 10 months on all rented homes.
  • We will tell you of any planned maintenance in advance, giving details of the expected start date, scope of the work and your expected involvement.
  • We will always welcome your feedback.

Scheme Inspections:

  • Conduct regular inspections is to ensure the scheme remains in a satisfactory condition and check the state of repair, maintenance, cleaning and gardening as applicable.
  • Residents can contact us if they want to be involved in this inspection.
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