Paying Your Rent & Service Charge

Paying rent and service charges during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We understand that this is a difficult and uncertain time for many of us.  Crown Simmons Housing is committed to supporting our residents and customers during this time.  During this period, we will continue to charge rent and service charges to your account.  If you are concerned about paying your rent and service charges during this period, please contact us.

Calling us means we can discuss your situation and find out how we can best help.  This would involve discussing future repayment arrangements, and whether you are able to claim any benefits to support you at this time.


We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent or service charges, here’s how:

Direct Debit

To set-up a Direct Debit please contact us, provide your bank details and we will fill in the form.

You can also request to have a form sent to you with a pre-paid envelope or use the appropriate link to download a form to fill in for yourself and e-mail back to us.

Once your Direct Debit has been set-up, we will tell you two weeks before any changes are made to the amount of rent or service charge to be paid. Let us know 3 weeks before you’d like the amount and/or date the payment is taken changed.

If you need to cancel your Direct Debit just let us know and we can talk about what other payment options you have.

If you live at Belsize House, Castlemaine Court, Swinburne Court or Williamson Cottages, use this link to download a form.

Residents of all other properties, please use this link to download a form.

Please complete the form with your details and send it our office at:

Crown Simmons Housing, First Floor, Aissela, 46 High Street, Esher KT10 9QY

Online & In Person with Allpay

paypointAll residents can receive a free Allpay card. If you do not have a card please contact us.

You can use your Allpay card with your bank debit card online, over the telephone, at the Post Office or with cash at any shop displaying the PayPoint logo.

If your card has been lost or stolen, please contact us to replace it.

Pay online now with a credit or debit card

Online & Mobile with Your Bank

To pay your rent via online or mobile banking please contact us to request our account details.

Please note you may have to have previously set-up online or mobile banking through your branch.

Smartphone & Tablet

You can now make payments with your Allpay and debit card through the Allpay mobile ap.

Download now for iPhones, Windows and Android devices.

Find out more about the Allpay app.

Standing Order

To set up a Standing Order, contact us will set-up a form and send it to you.

Take the form to your bank and remember that you must tell your bank when your rent or service charge changes (this is usually every April after you’ve lived in your home for a year).


Make sure you have your Allpay number and a bank debit card to hand and then call Allpay’s automatic payment line on 0844 557 8321 and take down the payment reference number.

Available 24/7, you will be put through to an automated voice system and then have to select from the options given.

For more information please contact us.

Please note

We do not send receipts for payments received by post.

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