Service Charges

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house bank
The lease requires you to pay your share of costs for providing services which includes the maintenance and repairs of the structure of the building, the common parts of the property, including halls, corridors, entrance doors to the building and external communal areas.

It is required by law that you pay your services charges, and failure to do so is in breach of your lease.

Your service charge includes:

  • Maintenance of communal areas
  • Cleaning of communal areas & maintaining the communal gardens
  • Lighting to communal areas
  • Building insurance
  • General care-taking work
  • Maintenance and repair of door entry systems
  • Management fees
  • Audit fees

In addition to your service charge, you will have to pay your share of any major works that are completed at your scheme, the costs involved in buying and selling your home and costs to cover our time and resources when dealing with issues that relate to the individual leaseholder, (e.g. dealing with requests to improve your home, or service charge arrears).

Based on the services it covers and what these costs, your lease then states how your service charges are divided amongst all the leaseholders at your scheme.

Generally at Edgar Court, Gunters Mead, Simmons Court and Wardur Court, service charges are divided equally between the total number of leaseholders. At Elizabeth Hart Court, however, each lease states a specific percentage proportion of the service charges that the leaseholder must pay, and at Imber Place service charges are set by the management company.

Your service charge is due either the 1st of every month (Elizabeth Hart Court and Shared Ownership properties) or every quarter (on the 1st of April, July, October and January).

We recommend that you pay your service charge by Direct Debit. When you move in we will provide you with the Direct Debit forms which you complete and return to us. We will inform you in advance of any changes to the amount that must be paid; this saves you the inconvenience of having to contact your bank as it will be updated automatically.

Please contact us as soon as you realise you may have difficulty paying your service charge. As soon as you owe more than your usual service charge, you are in ‘arrears’.

You should contact the office at 01372 461440 or and all queries will be kept strictly confidential.

Make sure you are claiming all the money you are entitled to, our Benefits & Support page can tell you some options that you have for support.

Suggest a figure that you know you can pay regularly. We can only make agreements if you act quickly and you do not allow the money you owe to build up. You will also have to pay your service charge as normal whilst you pay off what you already owe.

You may wish to discuss the matter with your building society or bank. They may be able to help you immediately but will add the arrears to your mortgage debt. This will probably attract interest at the same rate as your loan.

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