Selling Your Home

Your lease will normally explain what you need to do if you are either thinking of selling your home. Usually you will need to notify Crown Simmons Housing in writing (through post or e-mail) of your intention to sell and tell us the name of your solicitor.

Leaseholders are normally responsible for arranging the valuation and arranging an estate agent, and the cost of these. The exact terms around selling your home are outlined in your lease. Most leases require a formal written valuation of your flat to be obtained by an associate or member of the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), which suggests the maximum sale price for your home.

Please note that you may only market your home at the valuation price, even if a separate 'marketing' price has been suggested.

Anyone wishing to buy one of our leasehold flats is required to comply with the criteria for applicants as stated in your lease. In general terms residents must:

  • Be aged 60 or over
  • No longer be working full-time.
  • Able to live independently

Please Note: We may refuse your sale if the buyer does not fit the criteria for the scheme.

Anyone wishing to buy one of our Shared-ownership flats must also comply with the criteria stated in the lease, but generally people looking to buy a shared-ownership property with Crown Simmons must:

Be registered with BPHA on keyhomes-east

Be registered on their local council's housing waiting list

Please note: We have the right to find a buyer for your property within a set period of time that meets our criteria, if we can't find a buyer within this time you can put your home on the open market but anyone who wishes to buy the home must fill out an application form with Crown Simmons Housing

You are responsible for all of the costs involved in selling your home. This also includes Crown Simmons Housing’s administration fees (for providing property information and other administrative tasks involved in the sale). The level of fee payable is usually detailed in the lease but we can provide details on request.

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