Rights & Responsibilities

These are outlined in your lease, but these sections provide a quick summary of your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder.

Your Rights


We must consult with you over works that cost more than £250 per leaseholder or where a contract exceeds 1 year

Make Improvements

You have the right to make improvements to your home, with the freeholder’s (Crown Simmons Housing's) consent. What you are allowed & not allowed to change are set-out specifically in your lease


Your lease gives you the right to occupy your property, subject to you keeping to the terms & conditions of your lease.


Your lease gives you the right to sell (assign) your lease. If you choose to sell your lease you must tell us.

Your Responsibilities

  • Carrying out repairs to your property
  • Paying your service charge (and ground rent if you live at Elizabeth Hart Court)
  • Observing all of the conditions, schedules and terms contained in your lease, even if you sub-let (only some leases allow sub-letting)
  • Respecting your neighbours, and ensuring that you, members of your household, including children and your visitors, respect your neighbours
  • Gas boiler servicing (you must have your gas appliances and boiler serviced every year - it is cheaper if you arrange your own contractor to do this, and we will ask to see a certificate as proof)
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