Leaseholder Consultation

As a leaseholder you have the right to be consulted on some of the things that affect your home, especially if it will cost you money.

As your landlord (or freeholder), we have several responsibilities to you which are detailed in your lease and in the rest of this Home-owner’s section. One of our responsibilities is ensuring we consult with you about any proposals which might affect your home and the way that it is managed.

You will be informed of any proposed changes by us through:

  • Writing to you giving details of the proposed changes,
  • Visiting you in your home, or,
  • Arranging a meeting for all residents

We will consult you if we plan to:

  • Carry out work which will cost any one leaseholder more than £250. This includes repairs, maintenance and improvements to your building and estate (The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 Section 151*)
  • Enter into a long-term agreement (for more than 12 months) with outside contractors for work, supplies or services which will cost any one leaseholder more than £100 a year. Examples include cleaning, grounds maintenance and surveying (Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 Section 20ZA(2)*)
  • Carry out work under a long-term agreement where the work will cost any one leaseholder more than £250.

Please Note: Your views will be fully considered and taken into account before we introduce any changes.

The Leasehold Advisory Service holds lots of information relevant to leaseholders and may be able to help you with anything relating to your lease which you would like more clarity on.

They are available at

*You can find details of these particular Acts by searching for the name (eg. The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act) on


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